CyberPowered Home

The Smart Residential Energy Solution

Our Solution

CyberPowered Home has developed technology that benefits both homeowners and utilities by automatically sensing, interpreting, and acting on electrical use information. Participating homeowners can save an estimated 25 percent on energy bills. Simultaneously, this system helps utility companies manage an increasingly complex electric grid.

Energy Savings

Estimated 25% Energy Savings when installed

Smart Home

Using energy use information to inform smart device function with whole home contextual data.

Smart Grid

Provide electric utilties demand prediction, demand smoothing, and demand-event response, helping utilities manage an increasingly complex electric grid.

Homeowner Features

Installing our smart energy solution has many benefits for homeowners.
A few are listed here:

Intelligent Automated Savings

Save energy without effort. Once installed this solution will automatically save energy, no help needed.

Energy Use Insights

See where your money is going every month. Never be suprised by a utility bill again.

Home Control

Use the energy insights to create better smart home control.

Easy to Customize

Ability to override any systems and make the system work for your comfort

Our Team

Allen Nikka

CTO & Co-Founder

Will Blanchard

CEO & Co-Founder

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